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When men grow old, they suffer from various problems. A few of them are fatigue, hair fall, and sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunctioning involves energy loss during sex, erectile dysfunction, and infertility. Nowadays these problems not only arrive due to old age but because you are lenient towards your body. A study revealed that 40% of youth today is suffering from sexual problems in one way or the other. You know who is to blame – yourself.


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LONG LASTING CLIMAXES. GET IT TODAY! take your body for granted and let me tell you, it is a machine that requires proper maintenance. If you won’t pay any heed, it will stop working altogether and you very well know it. I know you’re suffering from a sexual problem and that’s the reason you’re focussed on your laptop screen, reading my article. I was also one of you a few months back but I got my ass in gear and you might as well too if you don’t want to prolong the effects of destruction done to your body.
I started using BiogenicXR a few months back and I couldn’t be happier. You just read my article patiently and you’ll want to use it because of its amazing effects.

For UK ( United Kingdom ) People

What is BiogenicXR?

BiogenicXR is an amazing supplement that will help you get rid of your sexual problems in no time. I mean it will take a little time but you won’t even mind giving in a few months to this ingenious product. This product uses all natural ingredients to give you 100% results in all aspects. It’ll even take care of the overall well-being of your body. When you eat a lot of junk food, they bombard your body with a lot of oxidants. Now already present antioxidants are not able to nullify the effects of oxidants and thus the makers added ingredients rich in antioxidants that will help you take care of your health.

How does it work?

The working is quite simple. It is going to give you a two side advantage. First will be attacking your testosterone producing glands. All the problems you are facing are because of the low level of testosterone – a steroid hormone. A major portion of T is produced and secreted by the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. Sometimes, due to some reasons, they aren’t able to produce enough testosterone and your body bears the consequences. The second approach followed by BiogenicXR is to make sure the amount of T is available to your body if not, the ingredients will provide you free testosterone until you’re fit enough.
This is a very simple yet stupendous product specially formulated by scientists to take overall care of your body. You might not understand it now, but you’ll get a better insight once you have the knowledge of ingredients added to the supplement.


L-arginine is a formulation of amino acid L-arginine that is widely used in the dietary supplement. Now you must think what’s the catch. The catch here is the fact that L-arginine extracted is from extremely natural plants. L-arginine can enhance your exercise performance, immune system performance, erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular conditions such as hypertension(high blood pressure). You’ll be able to tackle other problems along with getting rid of your sexual woes.
MACA is considered to be an effective libido enhancer. Its consumption results in an increased blood flow that will help you have a strong erection. It was also revealed that maca improves semen quality, decreases anxiety and targets sexual hormones.
Maritime Pine
Pine Bark extracts is an extremely effective ingredient that has been tried and tested to treat erectile dysfunction. This is a nature’s bestowed aphrodisiac. It also has shown immense effects in protecting blood vessels against inflammation. There are million other plants and herbs that are claimed to be an aphrodisiac but they are just fool’s gold. They aren’t exactly gold while maritime pine is actual gold that will relieve you of the low sex drive you’re experiencing right now.
Yohimbe Extract
Yohimbe is basically found in in the bark of a certain type of West African tree and it was being used by the locals as a male enhancement. If you actually want to add an inch or two to you penis, BiogenicXR is for you, my friend. You shouldn’t expect is to magically double the size of your penis but it will show a commendable increase.


Improved Sex Power
Your sex power will automatically improve as the T levels will increase and you will not experience fatigue. That was the main reason you were tired while having sex. Since low T is the reason of your reduced performance, it will be made sure that you are energized enough to make your partner remember yours time and again.
Improve semen quality
The quality of semen is responsible for your fertility. The more the quality of semen, more will be your chances of making a baby. So you know it’s important to have a good semen quality and that’s the reason of adding MACA root to BiogenicXR.
Enhance libido
The ingredients that act as an aphrodisiac will increase your libido and the urge to have sex will be increased. When you’ll satiate you partner, your confidence that was in shambles before will be solid as a brick again.
Boost erection strength
Since a few ingredients that act as a vasodilator are added to the mix, the blood flow will increase and you’ll have a stronger and harder erection because the pooling of blood in your penis will increase considerably.

Disadvantages and Precautions

  • The product is not approved by FDA as it does not cure any diseases.
    BiogenicXR is not approved for under 18 boys.
  • The prescribed amount is to be consumed. Under no circumstances, there shouldn’t be an extra amount of dosage as it will show adverse effects on your body.
  • If you’re on any medication, getting a doctor’s recommendation is advised.
  • You should always close the lid after using the product.
    Always be careful and keep it out of the reach of children.

How to use BiogenicXR?

The box comes with 60 all -natural pills. The recommended dosage is mentioned at the back of the pack. Gulp down the recommended dosage with a glass of water. You can take it anytime but I prefer taking it in the night.

What makes it unique?

The uniqueness comes to BiogenicXR from the ingredients added to it. A lot of supplement makers claim to add natural ingredients, but I have used it and I can assure you, you’ll feel the change in your body. It is also advised to change your diet plans a little and try to eat healthy food because the changes will come early as essential vitamins and nutrients will be delivered through food and other problems will be tackled by BiogenicXR.

Buy it here…

Click on the icon down below and you’ll be redirected to the brand’s official website where you’ll have to fill up a form. Make sure to give them your correct name and address so the product reaches to you efficiently and without any hassle. See, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give it a try and you’ll be singing the virtues of this product just like me.


You can take my word for it and I assure there is no product present out there which can undermine BiogenicXR‘s effects. No product is made after such conscientious research and meticulous study. You will never regret using it. I used it for 4 months and now I am free of all sexual problems. I don’t know about the size increase, but I guess if your penis growth was hindered due to some reasons, the product will be able to help.

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